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Originally from New Zealand, Gisèle has been practicing Yoga for 20 years. She began her yoga initiation in a progressive and natural way, she saw a path all traced and followed without looking back.


His yoga practice started with the physical aspect, with Ashtan ga Yoga which he considered a sport. In 2015, he obtained his Yoga Instructor Certificate after 500 hours of classes.


My most important yoga approach is empathy for ourselves. By observing ahimsa (do no harm) in our practice.


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Originally from the Austrian mountains, Flora trained in Ashtanga (India '' Mysore '') and Vinyasa (Africa '' Cape Town ''). She seeks strength in the tranquility of body and mind.


Originally from New Zealand, Gisèle has been a practicing Yogi for over 20 years and her transition to teaching was natural progression.


In these classes, he guides people in a union of mind, body and breathing. It encourages you to apply in life lessons learned in a yoga class.


Stephanie in her search for balance between strength and relaxation. She made her first yoga teacher training in Germany in 2002 with Professor Young-Ho Kim before finally studying in Austria in 2011. She believes it was the best decision of her life.


For me Yoga is transformation and it's a evolution from our programming, paradigm and conditioned believes, it's let's us free and see what we can do in our highest side which is living our full potential life we have in this world ( OUR LIFE PURPOSE ).